ALM Industrial Weekend 2016 results

ALM Industrial Weekend 2016 results

18 March 2016

ALM Industrial Weekend 2016 results

Logrocon, together with Microsoft, traditionally held the ALM Industrial forum to raise awareness in Russion companies of modern products and designs that allow to manage teams and processes of software development.

Microsoft instrumentation (Application Lifecycle Management) combined with the experience of its application in Logrocon - "Gold" ALM partner, enables companies to gain a competitive advantage and reach an entirely new level of efficiency of software development.

All three days of the official part of the conference, held in the largest European office of Microsoft in Prague, were filled with lively discussion of current issues in the field of the application life cycle and technologies of software development management (ALM).

No less interesting was the informal part of the conference. During the excursions and walks through the city, the participants exchanged they're practical experience in solving problems faced by the companies in the modern world.

ALM Industrial Weekend brought together in Prague the representatives of leading companies from various sectors of the economy - banks, insurance companies, energy industry, telecommunications companies and software development companies.

Vladimir Turovtsev, Logrocon Development Director, one of the organizers of the conference, said:
"Once again, i'm surprised with the growth of interest to the applicationg life cycle management tools. Our event in Prague is a great platform for productive collaboration between participants."

Eugene Zlobin, a senior expert in ALM, Microsoft Rus, expressed his opinion:
"Logrocon organized and hosted an excellent event, which has already become a great tradition. It was a very useful discussion of issues, related to the alignment of software development processes (Application Lifecycle Management, DevOps). I am pleased to take part in this event as a speaker in future. "

And here are some recals from the participants:

"Please accept my sincere gratitude for the organization and holding the events busy schedule ... It was interesting to get acquainted with the Logrocon expertise of developing TFS as an instrument of reference (IT) tasks and initialization of ALM culture in the bank." - Head of software support of a large Russian bank.

"10 points ... Lovely informal communications with colleagues, decisive similar professional tasks. Ability to compare personal experience with the experience of industrial leaders from Microsoft and Logrocon. New opportunities were of interest: Team Foundation Server, Release management, effective accounting and control of working time. I saw the potential for further improvement of the quality of software release management, complexity of evaluation, reducing the number of defects " - Igor Kozlov, Head of technology development Department, Rosgosstrah-Life.

"We will try to implement the most of what he heard ..." - Vladimir Nikandrov, CEO TSITTRANS-M

"My expectations from the event are justified ... Very interested in the issues of building a transparent software
development process, articulating the value for the sponsors. What we could use are the dashboards for the CIO, tighter involvement in the process of customers' development. And, of course, personal communication with colleagues and experts are at high level
" - Head of IT Dev Department, retail bank of federal scale.

Once again we thank all the participants for their active discussions of issues relevant to business efficiency.

We are waiting to see everyone interested at the next forum!

Photo-report of the event can be found here.

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