Quality Policy

The main objective of Logrocon– is improving the efficiency of the customer's business and ensuring maximum flexibility and transparency in the collaboration with him.

Logrocon is customer focused, which means that we constantly improve of the quality of our work with the customer, increase the integration and performance rate and maximize the efficiency of the client's business.

In our work, we follow these principles:

  • Reveal and solve business problems of the customer;
  • Full approval and transparency of the work progress for the customer;
  • Continuous improvement of the services quality by means of certifications and training of specialists, development of the key competencies of our employees, activity and process optimizations;
  • Guarantee of the work results and professionalism provided by our specialists;
  • Effective interaction with the client in order to meet all customer requirements, even implicit;
  • Creating and application of an effective quality management system, based on the analysis of international experience;
  • Fast response to the customer requests.

Managers and specialists of Logrocon commit themselves to create conditions, best suitable for achieving goals in quality assurance, meeting the requirements of customers and improving the effectiveness of our work.