Mission and Values

Our vision - Logrocon is:

  • A vigorous and effective team, distributed by several geolocations, and working under one brand name on a variety of projects in a single communicative, intellectual and administrative space;
  • An environment for discussions, development and implementation of new ideas;
  • A platform for interactions between teams of talented professionals, with the opportunity to be a part of a stable business;
  • An organization that offers training and new experience to the staff, with conditions for professional and personal development;
  • A company with effective knowledge management system and resources for it's capitalization;
  • A company with processes, certified by the standards of "quality management system";
  • An active player in the scientific and media spaces;
  • A socially responsible business, which takes into account the interests of the team and the community.

Our mission:
  • We are an open environment, which transforms innovation into the success of our team, our company and our clients.

Our values:
  • Trust and responsibility as the highest values;
  • Team ideas - team implementation;
  • Open, timely and polite exchange of information;
  • Time as irreplaceable resource;
  • Innovation, training and development.