Why choose Logrocon?

Logrocon is a fast growing IT-company with a broad professional profile. We are proud to say that we are leaders in the testing and designing load tests on the Russian market. In addition, Logrocon is a gold ALM partner of Microsoft. Our expertise includes: outsourcing software testing, development of automated tests and load testing, software quality control, mobile device management, professional IT training, ALM consulting... And we are still growing, discovering to our selves new professional fields. Logrocon has its own unique products and developments, that greatly expand the functionality of the standard buisiness methods, allowing us to successfuly solve the problems of our customers even faster.

History of the company

Logrocon history as a company started in 2012. The basic principle of our work is "Achievements and trust", and it is reflected in the very name of the company - «Logro (s&) con (fianza)». Currently the company has more than 80 employees distributed across offices in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Our clients are the largest Russian banks (Top 10), government structures, medical sector operators and solution developers, telecommunications, e-commerce.

Our management has more than 15 years of experience in software development and testing. We are focused on customer interests and understand his business requirements. By choosing us and our services, customers can fully focus on developing they're business without spending resources on internal quality control procedures of developing or operated software systems - and it is most appreciated by our clients.

Our main advantages

The experience of our projects shows a decrease in the cost of testing for the customers in approximately 30%-40%, without losses in quality and with increased deployment speed. Furthermore, the economic impact of using automated testing could exceed 60%.

We understand the customer's business needs, we know our business and have years of experience in this field. All this, plus our own unique products and developmsnts allow us to be very effective.

  • We are a team of professionals who are valued and respected on the market.

  • Our services are always of excellent quality, and we guarantee it.

  • We have a big portfolio of successful projects and satisfied customers.

  • We specialize in a wide sector of the IT-market, and our competence is constantly expanding.

  • Attractive price + excellent work - this is what you really need.